IT & Communications

Estonia offers first-class international communications and well developed e-services in different areas of life. Estonia is leading the way in the technology revolution through the Baltic States and with the continual inflow of foreign investments, the future of e-Estonia looks very promising.

With its policies and innovative initiatives the Estonian Government is helping companies make the information technology sector one of the fastest growing in the country. The World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report 2015 - The Networked Readiness Index, also indicates a strong Estonian standing in government and the community readiness to participate in and benefit from ICT developments: the study ranks Estonia 22nd out of 143 countries thanks to its regulatory framework for ICT, making Estonia the leader among the Central and Eastern European countries.


  • E-Business Register - register enables entrepreneurs to register their new business online in minutes: e-Business Register Company Registration Portal
  • State e-Services Portal - one-stop-shop for the hundreds of e-services offered by various government institutions for citizens, entrepreneurs and officials: State e-Services Portal
  • e-Tax filing dramatically reduces bureaucracy, saving businesses time and effort. More than 90% of tax declarations are filed online: Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • DigiDoc - is a system that's widely-used in Estonia for storing, sharing and digitally signing documents: DigiDoc Portal
  • Mobile Payment - allows customers to pay for goods and services using their mobile phones in place of credit cards.
  • Mobile-ID - service allows the users of e-services to securely confirm their identities through their mobile phones to log on Internet banks or provide digital signatures.
  • m-Parking -  system that lets drivers pay for their city parking using their mobile phones. 
  • e-Prescription -  are electronic prescriptions that are issued by doctors and which the pharmacies can access when patients go to the pharmacy with their personal ID documents.
  • i-Voting - it was possible to vote using the Internet for the first time during the 2007 Riigikogu elections: Estonian National Electoral Committee
  • e-Residency - a state-issued secure digital identity for non-residents that allows digital authentication and the digital signing of documents: Estonian e-residency