Integrated Business Development in South Estonia and North Latvia (DELBI)

Programme: Estonia - Latvia Programme
Priority: Higher competitiveness
Project duration: January 2012 – December 2013
Budget: 277 083 EUR (including the budget for Tartu City Government 54 203 EUR)
Lead partner: Estonian Business Chamber in Latvia
Project partners:
1. Valga Town Government
2. Vidzeme Vocational Educational Centre
3. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
4. Tartu City Government


Survey of the business environment in Estonia and Latvia: results


The project will focus mainly on the South Estonia – North Latvia regions, i.e. the „home regions“ of the partners. Such a focus is chosen because of the historical socio-economical ties and similar sectors of economic activity in the regions as well as due to the expertise and experience base of the partners. Northern part of Latvia has always been traditionally different in economical and practical thinking and distinguished with the attitude towards individual and small entrepreneurship. The partnership believes that starting out with a geographically more focused approach will be beneficial in providing an opportunity for a more in-depth activity at current phase and for the formation of solid basis for sustainable development in the future. Therefore, the project can be seen as a framework for establishing the corner-stone of a strategic partnership that in the future can and should extend and include  other regions in both countries.

The cross-border support structure is formed in the partnership of Estonian Business Chamber in Latvia (the lead partner, EBCL), Tartu and Valga City Governments and Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) all of whom have been long engaged in successful business support provision in their respective regions.

The main objective of the project is increasing the competitiveness of Estonian and Latvian companies (particularly SMEs and start-ups) through
* better access to the neighbouring market;
* better co-operation in the business communities
* better integrated cross-border value chains

As a main tool to achieve this aim, the project foresees the establishment of a dedicated Estonian-Latvian joint business support network for facilitating the activity of Estonian businesses in Latvia and vice versa, and building up more diverse and beneficial co-operation between the businesses of the neighbouring countries.



Siim Espenberg
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