Information Technology

Estonia has made a name for itself for the innovative application of communications technology, where state-of-the-art technologies are a way of life.

Tartu has been at the forefront of building the virtual infrastructure – the city had the world’s first mobile-phone payment for car parking. By now the m-Tartu project extends to many other m-services, plus applications for mobile positioning system.

Skype branch office is located in Tartu. Free wireless Internet (WiFi) is widespread in the cafés and parks. Various e-services (e-government, e-voting, e-tax board, etc.) are efficient and widely used. The small population, tech-smart in a leading edge IT environment makes Estonia a great test-bed for new and innovative technologies.

Information technology from Tartu - overview of the sector (pdf)


Leading companies

  • Playtech Estonia is one of the world’s leading Internet gaming software producers:
    Playtech offers cutting edge, value-added solutions to the online gaming industry's top operators and can be positively considered as one of the pioneers of the worldwide online gaming industry. Playtech iPoker network is the world’s largest independent poker network hosting over 50 000 concurrent players at peak time. Currently there are around 3800 employees working in the production and development units at 13 geographic locations around the world. Looking at these different locations gives an idea of the excitingly entwining multicultural environment we work in. Playtech Estonia is the largest and oldest in the group and acts as the “older brother” to all the new units – the colleagues from Estonia are actively involved in training the employees of the newer units of Playtech.
  • Nortal (former Webmedia) is an international high-end software development solutions provider in public and private sector:
    Nortal is focused on various specific industries: e-Government, Manufacturing & Logistics, Telecom, Public Finance Management, Healthcare, Financial Services, Energy & Resources. The company operates in 10 and has clients in 22 countries. Our success is built on long-lasting relationships and delivering the best quality mission-critical solutions to our clients in selected industries across Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  • Regio was founded in 1990 as a spin-off company of the University of Tartu:
    Regio has four fields of activity: mapping, geospatial data, geographical information systems (GIS) and mobile positioning. To sustain the competitive advantage of our products, Regio spends substantial amount of the revenue on R&D.
  • Mobi Solutions was founded in October 2000 by students of of the University of Tartu:
    By today, Mobi has evolved into a well-known mobile company in Northern Europe, having also created a number of successful startups and spin-offs. You may know Mobi primarily as a mobile services provider, but we are also making seed and early-stage investments into other start-up companies in mobile and B2B internet space.
  • Fortumo is a mobile payments platform created in 2007 and now available in more than 80 countries worldwide:
    The company offers various mobile payment solutions for web services and mobile applications. Fortumo services allow customers to make mobile payments on six continents, with a strong focus on emerging markets. Fortumo started as a spin-off of the mobile services company Mobi Solutions, and currently has offices in Estonia (Tartu, Tallinn), USA (San Francisco), China (Beijing & Shanghai) and India (Delhi).
  • ZeroTurnaround was set up in 2007 as a spin-off company of Webmedia (now Nortal) and provides productivity tools for Java programming language:
    ZeroTurnaround is transforming how software is created, enabling development teams to build better software faster. JRebel will change the way you code forever. JRebel saves precious time for more than 65 000 Java developers by letting them instantly see the impact of their code changes, without restarting their applications. XRebel helps Java EE developers to find issues in their application early in the software development cycle. The data tracked by XRebel gives developers the insight needed to fix issues when it is cheapest, during development.
  • Cybernetica is a R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures software solutions, light signalling and telematics products, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems; investigates and applies the theoretical and practical security solutions.
    Cybernetica has participated in several programs initiated by the government of Estonia including the following: Pilot project of Estonian ID-card, Government project of digital document management, X-Road project for secure use of governmental databases over the internet, Estonian internet-voting system, Fully electronic, web-based system for customs authorities. Today, Cybernetica is a developer and manufacturer of original hardware and software systems, a system integrator, an auditor of information systems, and an information security center of excellence.
  • CGI Estonia (former Logica Estonia) is part of global IT and business process services provider CGI:
    CGI is the fifth largest independent information technology and business process services firm in the world with 68 000 professionals in 40 countries. 90% of CGI Estonia’s business is based on software development. We develop tailor-made solutions in accordance with client’s needs. We also provide business consultation. Similarly to CGI Group, CGI Estonia is engaged in many different industries such as: telecommunications, utilities, public sector and space. We are specializing in software development (Java, Oracle, .NET, C++), geographic information systems, Oracle Utilities, payment systems, document management systems, IT-security, testing, support systems etc.
  • Axinom is one of the leading European technology vendors with subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Estonia, France) and North America (USA):
    Our solutions serve major European brands in Aerospace, IT, Telco, Retail, and Media & Entertainment industry.
  • Raintree Estonia is a software company founded in 2002 and specialized in creating medical software:
    We co-partner with the U.S. company Raintree Systems Inc that celebrated recently 30th anniversary. Our continuously growing team consists of the university town’s brightest and most creative individuals and brilliant minds. Together we make the U.S. doctors’ and other medical workers’ everyday work fast, easy and comfortable, and ensure that every patient’s medical records are handled systematically and safely.