Awardwinners from Tartu

Results of the competition "Best Entrepreneur 2011"

Since 1998 Tartu City Government has organised a competition to recognise the most successful entrepreneurs in Tartu. The competition is for entrepreneurs that are located and mainly operating in the city of Tartu. Additionally, the competitor must not have any tax liabilities.


The best entrepreneur among firms up to 9 employees

1. Tasku Keskus Ltd

2. Kaarsilla Kinnisvara LLC

3. SBT Võrgutööd LLC 

10 to 49 employees

1. Fortumo LLC

2. Data Print LLC

3. TBD-Biodiscovery LLC

3. Lõunakeskus LLC

50 or more employees  

1. A. Le Coq Ltd

2. Fortum Tartu Ltd

3. SEBE Ltd

3. Lemeks Ltd

The most responsible companies:  

1. Playtech Estonia LLC

2. Tartu Veekeskus LLC

3. Tasku Keskus Ltd

The biggest job creator:  SEBE Ltd

The biggest investor: SEBE Ltd

The biggest exporter: Lemeks Ltd

The outstanding accomplishment:
Kodumaja Ltd - they built an eartquake-resistant apartment house and a building for people with special needs from prefab modules.

The most praised company of the Praise Service 2012 competition: Season Cafe LLC (Café Truffe)

The best partner of the Tartu Vocational Education Centre: Mattias Cafe LLC (Werneri kohvik)

The biggest investment in R&D in Tartu Science Park: Click & Grow LLC

The most succesful start-up with the support of Tartu Business Advisory Services: Niplispitsikoda LLC 

The most succesful company in life sciences and medicine: TBD-Biodiscovery LLC

The most children and young friendly company:  Wild Grupp LLC (Vilde tervisekohvik)

The most children and young friendly organization: Tartu Ülikooli Botaanikaaed