Reasons to Choose Tartu

Economic Freedom

Estonia is known for it’s economic freedom. The country has some of the most liberal trade and investment laws in the world.

Simple and Low Taxes

Estonia has a system of low and flat rate taxes. The system is simple and is designed to encourage enterprise and maximize profits.

Competitive Costs

Numerous foreign companies have found Estonia to be a highly attractive location.

High Level of ICT Development

In terms of telecommunications infrastructure Estonia is the most advanced of all the CEE countries with a penetration rate of mobile telephones on a par with Germany.

Fast Development of Infrastructure

Tartu City Government is actively developing it’s industrial parks to make them available to entrepreneurs as soon as possible.

High Science Potential

Tartu has been an educational and science centre of northern Europe since the 17th century when the first university in Estonia, the University of Tartu, was founded.

Educated Workforce

The workforce in Tartu has the highest level of education in Estonia. The skilled labour is highly qualified, because of the large vocational education centers in the region.

Strategic Geographical Position

In the radius of 500 km there are a number of financial and industrial centers and harbors. The geographical location makes the city very attractive logistically.

Network of Support Structures

There is a strong network of economic support structures in Tartu which are in close cooperation in developing Tartu’s economic environment.

Good, Friendly and Safe Environment

Tartu has all the best of the globally new but with the local advantage – the costs are lower, security is higher and air is cleaner than in Tallinn, Helsinki or New York.