Good, Friendly and Safe Environment

Tartu has all the best of the globally new but with the local advantage – the costs are lower, security is higher and air is cleaner than in Tallinn, Helsinki or New York. In 1999, Tartu was awarded first place for “best environmental practice” (TARTU AGENDA 21) among the Baltic cities by the UBC.

To feel the special aura of the city you have to take time to try everything Tartu has to offer. It is the city with long history and cultural traditions, modern architecture and green parks, good thoughts and courageous actions – altogether. The Tartu of today offers a wide spectrum of cultural activities with many interesting museums, libraries, theatres and open-air events. Each year the listings get longer for hotels, restaurants, pubs, conference facilities, playing grounds for children and sports centres.

Being an inseparable part of the city it is students that create a lot of energy and joy – exciting events take place all year round. The Toome Hill park on ancient fortifications and the River Emajõgi in the middle of the city romanticize Tartu and gives the landscape its uniqueness. Every spring you may meet fishermen who appear on the banks of the River Emajõgi and every autumn brings along a breathtakingly beautiful falls of colourful leaves on the slopes of the ancient Toome Hill.

The milieu of a medieval hanseatic city comes to life with the Tartu Hanseatic Days in June when knights, merchants and minstrels appear in the streets and start to act. Just half an hour south of Tartu are the hundreds of forested hills and small lakes of the Otepää highland – this is the most popular winter sport area of Estonia and this is where many Tartu people have their summer cottages.