Strategic Geographical Position

Estonia lies on the Baltic Sea with Russia on the Eastern border with the Baltic Sea to the west and Latvia in the south. The longest land border, 339 km, is with Latvia and the border with Russia is 294 km long.

Tartu County lies between Southern and Central Estonia, between two big lakes – Lake Peipsi and Lake Võrtsjärv. The eastern border of the county, Lake Peipsi, also serves as the national border with Russia.

In the radius of 500 km there are a number of financial and industrial centers and harbors. The geographical location makes the city very attractive logistically. By car/bus it takes no more than 2.5 hours to Tallinn or 3.5 hours to Riga. The distances from the nearest capitals and big cities of the neighboring countries from Tartu:

  • Tallinn (capital of Estonia) – ~180 km
  • Helsinki (capital of Finland) – ~260 km
  • Stockholm (capital of Sweden) – ~510 km
  • Riga (capital of Latvia) – ~220 km
  • Pskov (Russia) - ~160 km
  • Saint Petersburg (Russia) - ~260km

Regular airlines from Tartu were launched in 2009. Additional information can be found here.