• Alar Karis

    The key indicators of being internationally competitive are the ability to educate doctoral students and to cooperate with the world research community. The University of Tartu is a recognized and reliable partner to our international colleagues and we continue to advance our position as an attractive research and innovation centre in the region.

    Alar Karis, former Rector of the University of Tartu

  • Ain Antons

    Being international is essential for our company. Together with the main local competitor we hold over 95% of the Estonian market. Success in Finland, Sweden and Norway means constant product development.

    Ain Antons, Managing Director, AS Respo Haagised

  • Heidi Raig

    Our R&D team develops several new machines each year. Thorough testing makes the products reliable in extreme environments.

    We have customers from Finland to Canada and find new distributors each year. We can say that after 10 years in the Scandinavian markets, our brandname is familiar to customers and our products are well appreciated in foreign markets.

    Heidi Raig, Managing Director, AS Estre

  • Toomas Lepp

    We started out in a single room with two engineers. Nowadays we are running a concern Metec Group consisting of 5 different companies and having almost 400 emplyees groupwise.

    We have adopted the principles of just-in-time production. We have in-house R&D department. We are a modern European engineering enterprise.

    Toomas Lepp, Managing Director, AS Metec

  • Joakim Dahlqvist

    BD-Design is the largest producer of recliner chairs and sofas (leather and fabric) in Estonia. With 35 years as a producer we are represented on the European and American markets. We export 100% of our products. We produce all parts under the same roof; metal, wood and soft parts (polyurethane), that makes BD a flexiable producer. We are now in an interesting period of expansion with new models and technology.

    Joakim Dahlqvist, Marketing Director, AS BD-Design

  • Olga Einasto

    It is amazing how Tartu has it all – strong traditions and innovations medieval churches and modern skyscrapers, small shops and supermarkets, cozy cafes and proud restaurants, academic and bohemian, science and romance, business and pleasure! It`s impossible not to fall in love with this city!

    Olga Einasto, Attested Guide of Tartu, University of Tartu Library

  • Justine Petrone

    Tartu is an oasis of intellectual activity in the south Estonian countryside, a revivifying respite from both the power politics of Tallinn and the steady calm of rural life. The streets of downtown hum with poets, musicians, professors, actors, construction workers, gourmet chefs, fishermen, translators, bar keepers, and chimney sweeps. The city has its own legendary spirit, one that has nourished the Estonian soul for ages.

    Justine Petrone, Journalist and Writer

  • Andrus Tasa

    The mission of Tartu Biotechnology Park is to enhance the development of life sciences and the medicine sector. Tartu Biotechnology Park focuses on increasing the competitiveness of businesses by providing excellent physical infrastructure and business development services and is active in establishing new companies. Since 2009 TBP is the host and partner for the Competence Centre on Reproductive Medicine and Biotechnology.

    Andrus Tasa, CEO, Tartu Biotechnology Park

  • Lembit Lump

    Kodumaja is a brand and a group of companies, whose main field of activity is building high quality living spaces from pre-fab space elements built in the factory. Our construction methods are effective and ensure that we meet the requirements and standards of our markets. Being used to exporting more than 90% of our production to Nordic countries, we have set a new goal in developing our companies and technology – so that Kodumaja leads the way in our field in Europe.

    Lembit Lump, Managing Director, Kodumaja Ltd

  • Rain Rannu

    In Tartu, the IT sector has favourable soil for operating as well as for developing. Cosy and quiet atmosphere that promotes innovation, helps generate good ideas and facilitates their successful implementation with the help of capable people.

    Rain Rannu, Partner, Mobi Solutions LLC