4D CITIES (implementation phase)

4D CITIES: Four drivers for cities: health, innovation, public-private cooperation & networking

Programme: URBACT II
Project duration:
March 2013 – March 2015
63 463 EUR
Lead partner:
Igualada (Spain)
Project partners:
1. Tartu City Government
2. Plunge (Lithuania)
3. Novara (Italy)
4. Leeds (United Kingdom)
5. Baia Sprie (Romania)
6. Jena (Germany)
7. Eindhoven (The Netherlands)


Homepage: http://www.urbact.eu/4d-cities



30.01.2013 Europe approves URBACT 4D Cities Project on Health Innovation
21.03.2013 The 4D Cities European partners agreed in Igualada the road map for the next two years
03.06.2013 The 4D Cities discusses how to capture business in the field of health
21.06.2013 The 4D Cities involves citizens in the co-creation of health services
08.10.2013 The 4D Cities debates on the optimal model of health system
14.10.2013 Special Report: 4D Cities URBACT Project - From Health to Wealth
11.11.2013 The meeting in Jena highlights training centres as a tool to improve health services
26.11.2013 4D Cities Newsletter no 1 "The beginning of the URBACT adventure"
20.02.2014 URBACT partners prepare a summary of actions to promote the welfare and economics in health
09.05.2014 4D Cities Newsletter no 2 "Health can improve"
12.06.2014 4D Cities is working towards concrete Local Action Plans
23.09.2014 The municipalities of 4D Cities specify their Local Action Plans
30.10.2014 4D Cities Newsletter no 3 "Taking the pulse of the Health System"
26.03.2015 European members of the 4D Cities present their Local Action Plans in Igualada
05.05.2015 The 4D Cities concludes in Igualada with the presentation of project results


What is 4D Cities?

This is the first video of 4D Cities, the Health Innovation URBACT project. Here you can discover what exactly is 4D Cities and why the 8 European cities are participating in it. Igualada (Catalonia, Spain) is the Lead Partner and the rest of the members are: Leeds (United Kingdom), Novara (Italy), Tartu (Estonia), Plunge (Lithuania), Brainport Eindhoven Region (Netherlands), Business Development Corporation of Jena (Germany) and Baia Sprie (Romania).

Health Innovation actors: Knowledge

The 4D Cities URBACT project analyses the interaction of four actors operating in the field of Health Innovation oriented to economic growth. This video, focused on the Knowledge sector, begins a series of four videos that explores every dimension.

Knowledge is understood here not only as the offer of educational, training and capacity building programs that procure professional specialization in Health (higher education and medical and technological research in Universities), but also as the most inclusive term to reflect the combined capital of know-how, knowledge and capacity of the actors involved in a projected health strategy in a city as the secondary education in care professions, management of health facilities, social professions, etc. 

Health Innovation actors: Health System

This is the second of four videos about the different actors operating in Health Innovation oriented to economic growth. It picks up the contribution of all the partners and puts into relief the kinds of actions that the stakeholders of the local Health Sector can take for it to become more efficient, sustainable and suitable for the patients and the citizens.

Health Innovation actors: Business

This video is focused on the Business as one of the four actors that can promote local economic and social development through Health Innovation. It highlights the role that public administration, private sector and citizens should play to collaborate with the healthcare system not only in terms of investment and returns, but also sharing their knowledge and working together.

Health Innovation actors: Citizens

European Health in Figures


Final Report: Patient-centred health innovation with an economic growth



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