Safe and Sustainable Citizen Society

Programme: Europe for Citizens 2014-2020
Project duration: December 2014 – January 2016
Budget: 5000 EUR
Lead partner: Tartu City Government
Project partners:
Tartu Consumer Advise and Information Centre (Estonia), Baltic Environmental Forum, Stockholm (Sweden), Turvalisuus ja kemikaalivirasto (Finland), Latvian National Association for Consumer Protection (Latvia), Western Lithuania consumer federation (Lithuania)



The main goal of the project is to strengthen the cooperation and exchange of best practices between Nordic and Baltic countries in order to move towards more active society with safer consumer products. It is achieved via facilitating contacts between citizens of Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and organizing seminars in Stockholm (Sweden) and in Tartu (Estonia) to share relevant experiences.

It is important to know that chemicals are all around us, from natural chemicals in food to industrially produced ones, distributed by trade and by long-range transport, found in working environment and in consumer products. Although in short-term they may ease our everyday life, some of them may at the same time cause allergies, have negative effects on the reproductive system or show carcinogenic, teratogenic or chronic toxic effects. Therefore the management of risks of chemicals is one of the high priority issues on European and international levels.



19.11.2015 Discussions in Stockholm to raise awareness about dangerous chemicals in consumer goods


Handbook: "Dangerous chemicals in consumer goods" (in Estonian)


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Siim Espenberg
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