Seminar “Creating Cities of the Future with the Help of Technological Innovation”

Tallinn and Tartu,

two of the biggest cities in Estonia, both known as digital start-up hubs as well as green and cultural cities, present their best examples of mutual cooperation between the public and private sector in the realm of technological innovation. 

The seminar focuses on the cities as the emerging hubs of technological innovation and discusses the “connectivity” between local governments and technological enterprises, whereby the cities’ infrastructure is offered for testing of modern and innovative solutions. 


Mr Mihhail Kõlvart Mayor of Tallinn (European Green Capital 2023)

Mr Urmas Klaas – Mayor of Tartu (European Capital of Culture 2024) 

Moderated by Mrs Ege Devon – Chief Representative Officer of Enterprise Estonia GCC

Main topics:

How cities are being instrumented with digital devices and infrastructure that produce big data? How real-time data enables to analyze city life, by providing raw material for envisioning and enacting more efficient, sustainable, competitive, productive, open and transparent cities.


Mr Andre Visse – CTO of Telia Estonia (one of Europe’s largest telecommunications companies)
Mr Aimo Kõva – Business Development Manager of DATEL (software company)
Mr Silver Sova – Business Consultant at Mobi Lab (product design and development agency)

Moderated by Mr Mart Luik – City Enterprise Director of Tallinn

Main topics:

Urban Mobility is in a constant state of evolution, forever changed by the technology of its time. Technological innovations, Big Data, MaaS have disrupted the future of mobility to a multi-format. How can cities prepare themselves to face these changes and how can new technologies and existing data support public decision-making processes to ensure safety and sustainability in the cities.


Ms Mari-Ly Klaats COO of Auve Tech (developer and manufacturer of autonomous vehicles)
Ms Gerttu Pilsas CEO of Positium (data analytics company)
Ms Julia Mahonen Head of Development of EyeVi (geospatial AI powered digital data production company)
Mr Kevin Tammearu Head of Growth & BD of Bercman (smart pedestrian crosswalks)

Moderated by Mr Raimond Tamm Deputy Mayor of Tartu

Meet the Estonian companies:

Self-driving vehicles and autonomous transportation systems

Auve Tech provides a full scope service that entails the development, manufacturing and integration of autonomous lastmile vehicles and the fleet management.

The service is focused on passanger transportation and can be used for extending the public transportation network.


Contact: Ms Mari-Ly Klaats,

Bercman Technologies
Increased safety for pedestrians

Bercman Technologies is primarily engaged in the development and sale of products and services for increasing road safety. Their first goal is to protect pedestrians on unregulated crosswalks. They have developed a Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk system to increase all parties situational awareness and provide autonomous vehicles with extra information about the surroundings to support their wider adoption. 


Contact: Mr Kevin Tammearu,

EyeVi Technologies
AI-powered platform for geospatial data production

EyeVi Technologies offers an on-demand mapping technology for capturing and processing high accuracy geodata cost-effectively and fast.


Contact: Ms Julia Mähonen,


Datel’s e-service Sille uses satellite data to detect displacement in bridges, pipelines, houses, and other infrastructure. The user of the service can get a fast, reliable and accurate measurement without the need to hire surveyors to do geodetics analysis, which can take a long time to finish. The service helps prevent accidents caused by deterioration of infrastructure and contributes to general safety.


Contact: Mr Aimo Kõva,

Mobi Lab
Designing and developing for mobile

Mobi Lab’s mission is to make it easy for people to use innovative and complex technologies. Or as we put it – make robots talk to humans.

Mobi Lab combines product management, user experience design and engineering skills to build augmented reality experiences, mobile applications and other mobile solutions for the B2B clients globally. 


Contact: Mr Silver Sova,

Positium provides innovative data solutions and analytics from mobile positioning data in mobility, tourism and population.

Positium extracts and processes anonymous location data of mobile subscribers from mobile network operators, using the specific tools and algorithms created over 10 years of experience. Their technology  is used by governments and the private sector in faster, data-driven, and reliable decision-making that brings the world closer to a sustainable existence.


Contact: Ms Gerttu Pilsas,


Telia Eesti is the most experienced and largest IT and telecommunications company in Estonia. Telia provides IT services, including systems integration and infrastructure solutions, data communications and networking, virtualization, cloud computing solutions, data center solutions, systems management and maintenance, as well as computer services and support for end users.


Contact: Mr Andre Visse,