City of Tartu and our deep tech startups

The city of Tartu, together with the research-based startups LightCode Photonics, GScan, PowerUP Energy Technologies and Rexplorer, are attending the City Tech Tokyo event on February 27-28, 2023 at Tokyo International Forum.

Tartu will be introducing diverse ideas and technologies on how to create a new and sustainable smart city model. The solutions are developed in cooperation with Tartu Science Park, the private sector and the institutions of higher education.

Tartu is innovative, open-minded, scientific, and smart. Our tech sector is booming – you will find hyper growth scale-ups, small creative startups and everything in between. Technological momentum is now and there are no barriers to doing cutting-edge research in the city of Tartu.

In addition to participating at the City Tech, the city and startups will also join the New Nordic Smart City delegation to Japan, organized by NAVA (Nordic Asian Venture Alliance), on March 1-3. The objective of the visit is to meet key Japanese stakeholders, property developers, real estate companies, investors as well as community organizations.