Seminar “Digital nation. Personalized solutions for healthcare & wellbeing”

Date: January 31, 2022 at 12:30–17:30

Venue: e-Estonia Pavilion MR-01 EXPO 2020

Partner: City of Tartu (Estonia) and Antegenes

Moderators: Dr. Mazin Gadir (UAE), Dr. Peeter Padrik and Mr Sven Parkel (Estonia)

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Target groups:
  • International healthcare delegations in EXPO Health & Wellness Week
  • Leaders of United Arab Emirates healthcare authorities and healthcare services providers
  • Leaders of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar biobanks
  • Participants in EXPO Health & Wellness Week
  • Investment fund representatives
General topic:

World-leading, digital nation Estonia is setting out to relieve the burden of the dramatic global increase in the prevalence of various illnesses through innovating the healthcare ecosystem. Estonia has been one of the most successful nations globally in doing this, and it has managed to create and integrate its own genomics-based solutions into routine healthcare.

Come and learn how high-level research has given rise to globally successful life-science companies. Examples of the contributions of these companies, including in global COVID-19 molecular diagnostics, and in precision genetics solutions in various clinical fields, from clinical and pharmacogenetics, digital therapeutics to assisted reproduction and screening of pregnancies for healthy offspring, will be given. 

The seminar panelists are leading figures who can potentially be your partners in research, innovation and healthcare, to help cover patients’ entire lifespans, from conception to advanced age.

Meet the future of health and care in the Estonian pavilion!

Main topic:

Estonia was one of the very first nations to launch a population-based biobank. Since then, public trust toward genetics and expectation of personalized medicine solutions have skyrocketed. Today, the first applications are finally reaching the public. Implementing personalized medicine is difficult because it requires involvement of key players along the whole value chain and consideration of ethical, legal and societal implications. In his vision speech, Prof. Metspalu explains the success story of Estonian Health Tech.

Introduction by H.E. Mr Jaan Reinhold  Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia to the United Arab Emirates

Vision speech about Estonia’s success from Biobank to Personalized Medicine by Research Professor Neeme TõnissonMD, PhD, Estonian Biobank/ Institute of Genomics, University of Tartu

Main Topics:

More personalized and efficient cancer prevention can help us avoid millions of cancer deaths. Antegenes introduces innovative solutions and programs for genetics-based, personalized cancer prevention and screening. Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to have implemented these innovations in the healthcare system. Join us as we introduce how our novel technology can help people live longer and healthier lives. Join us to discuss the topics associated with developments in this field, and create partnerships to develop and implement personalized cancer prevention locally and worldwide.


Dr. Peeter Padrik – MD, PhD – Founder & CEO Antegenes, Estonia: “Genetics based personalized cancer prevention”

Dr. James Mackay MA, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, United Kingdom: “Genetics based personalized cancer prevention activities in the United Kingdom”

Ms. Jumana AlAzazi – Genome office in Abu Dhabi Executive Office: “My Genes. My My Health. Patient’s Journey to Healthier Future”

On behalf of Dr. Fatima AlkaabiDirector of the Genome office in Abu Dhabi Executive Office

Moderated by Dr. Peeter Padrik  Founder & CEO of Antegenes. Associate Professor of Oncology at Tartu University Hospital. 

Main Topics:

Estonian evidence-based digital health technology founders open up a discussion on how healthcare transformation, preventive and human-empowerment-based digital technologies can facilitate high-value healthcare. Also, they bring to light how scientifically controlled solutions help real people – sharing examples from gamifying fighting children’s mental health problems to helping adults learn to live with their life-long diseases.

  • How digital transformation of healthcare enables more human-centric and value-based healthcare?
  • How real-time data will facilitate for better preventive and better quality care?
  • How to empower mental health solutions through novel technological approach?
  • How digital health makes care more accessible?
  • Bringing Estonia’s top digital healthcare success to the Middle East market.
  • Mental health has been one of the most neglected areas of public health, see how Estonia is setting a global example in developing technology to improve mental health in a scalable way.


Dr. Eduard MaronFounder and CEO of Documental (clinical decision support system and platform for virtual clinic in mental health)

Mr. Joseph Damian Mocanu Managing Partner of Verge Capital Management

Ms. Katrina LaksCEO and co-founder of Migrevention (the first digital headache clinic in the world)

Moderated by Dr. Mazin Gadir

Main Topics: 

Four top experts in the field discuss working solutions and case studies in tackling the challenges in modern molecular diagnostics. Solutions will be brought to you from various fields, such as screening, NGS- and PCR-based testing.

  • Successful interplay between laboratory medicine, genomic knowledge, and modern technology to implement molecular diagnostics as complexity of the detecting of genomic variants, diagnosing and prognosing diseases, and monitoring response to therapy.
  • Lessons from COViD19, laboratory perspective.Don’t be afraid, testing has helped us to overcome and handle risks.
  • Precision medicine gives a hand in daily matters by using our genetic information and translating that via data-intensive analysis to help each of us individually. We are able to solve which medical drugs might help, suggesting early prevention to stay healthy for longer years.
  • Several options for families to have their child even when family forming is delayed.


Mr. Stephan Goldenbaum  CEO of Solis BioDyne (Developer and manufacturer of room temperature stable PCR and RT-qPCR reagents)

Mr. Hardi Tamm CEO of Asper Biogene LLC  (Genetic diagnostics company, from hereditary diseases to pharmacogenomics. Medical genetics, NGS panels to screen more than 2000 disorders.)

Mr. Sven Parkel – General Manager of Tartu BT Park (TBP)

Mr. Erki Mölder Founder of Health Founders

Moderated by Mr. Sven Parkel

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