Tartu makes environmentally conscious decisions regarding its environment, industry, infrastructure and the health of the citizens. Various innovative public space projects have been carried out to improve the urban living environment, reduce the carbon footprint of road users and increase the connection between people and their surroundings.

Tartu has the ambitions of a metropolis while maintaining its small-town charm: living costs are lower, security is higher, there is more urban nature, and the air is cleaner than in Tallinn, Helsinki or New York. Access to Estonia’s central market region, a well-educated and qualified workforce, a good transport system, and a fully modernised business infrastructure have made Tartu an attractive location.

Tartu’s compactness and geographical location make the city very attractive logistically. In the city, everything is within a 1h walk/30min cycle/15min drive. It only takes about 2h to travel to Tallinn and 3.5h to Riga by car/bus/train. It is also only 50min to Helsinki by plane.

Tartu offers very good living conditions – social and health care services are accessible to everyone, and the vibrant sports and cultural scene offer plenty of possibilities for recreational activities and unforgettable experiences at numerous major events. 

The Tartu Welcome Centre awaits everyone who considers making Tartu their new home, providing support and guidance to settle in.