In Tartu, every company can find brilliant partners from the world of science.

Tartu has 11 higher education institutions, which provide world-class research-based higher education, with the University of Tartu being ranked in the top 3% of all universities.

Tartu is the base for five centres of excellence and three centres of competence – health tech, biotech and AI solutions.

Tartu boasts diverse expertise in essential areas:

  • Information and communications technology sector that shapes the future deep learning and machine learning, quantum cryptography and cryptography including e-elections, bioinformatics and personalised medicine applications are on a high level;
  • Leading-edge space tech to reach for the sky – home for the first European Space Agency Business Incubator in the Baltic States delivering technology transfer from space to non-space applications. Led by Tartu Science Park in partnership with Tartu Observatory & CGI;
  • Outstanding medical and biotechnological hub regenerative and reproductive medicine, cancer research, synthetic biology, biomedical and environmental technologies, intelligent materials and computer vision. The University of Tartu is also home to the Estonian Genome Centre (The Biobank);
  • Future Technologies for green energy the University of Tartu Institute of Chemistry is researching materials for supercapacitors and fuel cells and developing hydrogen filling stations;
  • Metal industry with in-house prototyping and smart; manufacturing;
  • Wood industry with an innovative mindset and a global reach.