Biotechnology is defined as one of the strategic key sectors in Estonia, with Tartu being the centre of its medical and biotechnological landscape. This is thanks to the University of Tartu, which is the largest university in Estonia and the hotspot for biotechnological science, research and development, focusing on genetics, cancer, neuroscience and many other related fields. 

Our city has a well-developed network of clinics that collaborate closely with research and development institutions, as well as other companies. Specialists for this rapidly growing sector are provided by the University of Tartu, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the Tartu Health Care College. 

We have declared biotechnology as one of our city’s focus areas in the strategy. The city is supporting the incubation activities of Tartu Biotechnology Park, a privately owned science park that has been providing physical infrastructure, as well as business development and consultancy services, to companies and R&D institutions in the fields of biotechnology, medicine and veterinary medicine for more than 15 years.

Key expertise: