Expertise, international connections, and strong traditions characterize the metalworking and machine-building industry in the Tartu region. The sector varies from historically strong construction of agricultural and forestry machines and apparatus to new areas of production, such as car parts and trailers.

What makes the metal industry so successful in the Tartu region are our long traditions and the digitalisation of this sector. Customers today want products that are safely produced, environmentally neutral, and manufactured using far less energy and material throughout the value chain. They also want their products faster and cheaper than ever before. Smart manufacturing and compatible curriculums in universities and vocational schools are the key elements in staying ahead of competitors. 

The sector is led by strong and successful export-oriented companies. The proximity to support services, the closeness of research and development, and compatible curriculums in universities and vocational schools enable easy access to highly educated engineers, semi-industrial labs and equipment.

Key expertise:

  • Automotive accessories – Metec
  • Hardware manufacturing – Torm Metall
  • CNC-milling and -turning – Afterone
  • Metal fabrication services online – Fractory
  • Sauna heaters – Huum
  • Machine and apparatus building – HANZA
  • Industrial electronics – Enics