Food production is an essential part of the manufacturing industry in Estonia. Our most important branches are the dairy, beverage, meat and bread industries. Being international, our exports make up about one third of the total production volume. 

A strength of Tartu County is in its combination of well-preserved nature and well-developed agriculture, which offers healthy and ecologically friendly products for many producers. The food industry here is mainly represented by a few leading manufacturing companies like A. Le Coq, Salvest and Tartu Mill, although small-scale producers like Andre Cheese Farm, Pühaste Brewery and the farmers’ market, which brings together and exhibits small producers in the region, are emerging and enriching the local food market.

A wide variety of places, from small, cosy cafes to excellent, award-winning restaurants, can be found all over the city. Our well-known food events, such as “Tasty Tartu” and the “Tartu Food and Wine Festival”, offer just a small glimpse of the rich choice the city has to offer.

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