Estonia started official cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2007 and became its full member in 2015. Since 2017 Tartu is home for the European Space Agency Business Incubator Centre and works to inspire entrepreneurs to turn space-connected business ideas into commercial companies and provide technical expertise and business-development support.

The first wave of new space-tech companies got started right after the successful launch of ESTCube-1 and after that space tech is getting more popular and that’s mostly thanks to Tartu Observatory.

The reason behind the blooming of space technologies in Tartu is because of the good cooperation and synergies between corporates, universities, support organizations and City Government – which all are supporting new business ideas.

This sector is led by Tartu Observatory – a leading research and experimental development institution that focuses natural sciences to promote science in the fields of astronomy, remote sensing, and space technology, provide research-based services in these areas.

Key expertise:

  • Helping to develop Earth Observation applications CGI Estonia
  • Satellite subsystem solutions and deorbiting technology ESTCube
  • Cloud-based platform for mission control and ground station services Spaceit
  • Design and production of nanosatellite parts – Crystalspace 
  • Long endurance autonomous hydrogen drones and ecosystem development – Skycorp